The goal for many spine procedures is fusion. Bone graft materials are often used to provide the best opportunity for fusion.


The VGI Medical Cancellous Sponge is demineralized bone matrix (DBM) made from 100% human bone. The Cancellous Sponge is cancellous (trabecular) bone which is naturally porous and exhibits sponge-like characteristics.

  • Osteoinductive Scaffold – Cancellous sponge provides the scaffold for new bone formation and the demineralization process exposes natural proteins which increase biological activity for new bone formation
  • Handling – Cancellous sponge material is compressible (up to 1/3 of its original size) and will expand back to its original size
  • Sponge-like Properties – Naturally absorbs and retains blood, bone marrow aspirate, or other bone growth promoters to enhance fusion

Cancellous Sponge ADVANTAGES

  • Geometry – Shape is designed to be used with VGI Medical procedures
  • Safety – Packaged sterile and is resourced from American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) accredited providers ensuring the highest level of safety